Breath Mints

The Best Breath Mints for Bad Breath

Breath mints are quite helpful especially when you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of bad breath. However, do keep in mind that chewing breath strips or mints can only provide you with temporary relief. It won’t really help you treat the cause of your foul-smelling breath. As a matter of fact, some chewing gums and mints could only bring more damage to your oral cavity because of their high sugar content. Nonetheless, there are those that are made up of natural sweeteners and are specifically intended to provide immediate relief for bad breath.

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  1. breath mints_listerine pocket packsListerine PocketPack Mint StripsListerine’s PocketPack mint strips is not only considered as one of today’s most popular breath mint brands but it’s also guaranteed to kill at least 99% of today’s well-known bad-breath causing bacteria. It’s also very affordable and you can easily buy one at your nearest convenience store or local supermarket.
  2. breath mints_sprySpry Power Peppermint MintsThese peppermint-flavoured chewable mints will not only give you immediate relief from bad breath but it’s also known for preventing tooth decay. Not only that, Spry is also made up of 100% Xylitol, a natural sweetener that inhibits bacterial growth in the oral cavity.
  3. breath mints_xylitol_compressedEpic Dental 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints. Basically, this breath mint offers the same effect as Spry which means that you’ll be able to get that minty fresh breath that you’ve always wanted. It is also made from pure Xylitol and it doesn’t contain any Aspartame or Gluten. Needless to say, this product is a must for those who are suffering from Halitosis.
  4. breath mints_newman's own_compressedNewman’s Own Ginger-Flavoured Organics MintsIf you are in the mood for ginger-flavoured breath mints then you should try these organic mints from Newman’s Own. What’s even more interesting is that these mints give off a unique kind of flavour which could be very addictive especially to those who are quite fond of eating ginger.
  5. breath mints_zox fresh breath_compressedZOX Mint Breath FreshenersThese ZOX Mints from TheraBreath are definitely good for those who are often nervous to talk because of their foul-smelling breath. So if you want to gain more confidence especially when it comes to speaking in public, better take at least two to three ZOX mints per day. It’s also guaranteed that these breath mints are free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners.
  6. breath mints_breathrx_compressedBreathRx Sugar-Free MintsWith BreathRx Sugar-Free Mints, you’ll get immediate effects. That’s not all. These mints are also made up of a complex substance called Zytex. Unlike those typical gums and breath fresheners, BreathRx will not only neutralize the odor inside your mouth, it will also help treat the cause of your foul-smelling breath, plus it’s clinically proven to help promote fresh breath. It’s also very convenient to carry and could be easily kept inside your purse or pocket.